Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cleaning the oriental rugs and Taking the cats to the Vet

The weather ha been  beautiful here, sorry to the family and friends in the midwest who are suffering under lots of snow and very cold weather.  We have taken advantage of the weather and shampooed the oriental rugs.  We always do this before a big move so they are clean when we unwrap them in their new home.

Yesterday we had an escapade that is all part of the great adventure.  We took the cats for their shots and the international health certificates.  The only time these two cats, Clive and Reginald, go out of the house is when they go to the Vet.  So needless to say it is not often and the DO NOT like it one iota.  But, that is done and we can move it to the next bureaucratic agency that needs to authorize it.  I am predicting that it will cost more to get the cats to Ecuador than it will to get me there.

The shippers come for the pick up of the household goods on January 20, it will be a truck that will take it to the warehouse in San Diego.  It will remain in storage until we have a permanent address in Cuenca and have received our resident visas.  Then we will notify the shipper to send the goods.  It is supposed to take about 45 days on the ship.  We will then have to meet the goods in Guyaquil, (this is the port city) so we are there when everything clears customs.  Then the shippers will load it on a truck and take it to our residence in Cuenca, it is a four hour drive from Guyaquil to Cuenca. 

I continue to pack on this end knowing that when I unpack it will be on another continent.  All for now.

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