Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Three Days Before We Fly

The shippers came for the household goods on Wednesday.  Everything was packed up.  Although I am still finalizing the list of all the contents, so it can be translated into Spanish before the goods can clear customs in Eucador.  The goods will now wait in Long Beach until we have residency status in Ecuador.  Then we will notify the shipping company to load the container and ship it to us.  By that time we will of acquired a house, probably for rent, in Cuenca Ecuador.  We may have exceeded the space we had reserved, a 1000 cubic foot, shipping container.  We were feeling very proud of ourselves, because we had gotten rid of so much stuff.  But, maybe not enough.  SALE on the Long Beach Pier may occur!!!  More to follow when we know what is going to happen.  At this time we are camping out in our rather empty house, sleeping on an air mattress.  Will break camp on Tuesday and go to a hotel near the Tucson airport.  We are attempting to keep the cats as calm as possible.  They are already somewhat freaked out, since everything they know has departed, with the exception of us. Then all of us fly to Miami at noon on Wednesday for the first leg of the trip.  Thursday night we fly to Guayaquil, where we will clear customs.  Friday morning, January 29 we will reach Cuenca, Ecuador via van that is picking us up in Guayquil.  We have reserved a furnished apartment so we will be deposited there.  Probably very tired by that time.  More later. 

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