Monday, December 28, 2009

Update on moving to Cuenca, Ecuador

We were supposed to be in Houston at our daughter's this week.  But, we have experienced a snafu on the visa front, so we have stayed home to chase doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs.  Actually Bill came down with the cold that I had last week and we felt it was better not to spread the germs over three states. So we are taking advantage of this time to continue packing and getting the visa applications out the door.

We have secured a furnished rental apartment in Cuenca, as of Sunday, December 27.  Here is the link to it:
   We will be in this unit until we find a long term rental that is unfurnished.  Then we will have the household goods shipped from San Diego/Long Beach.

We are very excited, a lot like children waiting for SANTA!  All for now,  Dean and Bill

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  1. Such a coincidence running into you today. You've literally been on my mind lately! Your adventure sounds wonderful and I'd like to hear more about it -- like why Ecuador? I googled-mapped Cuenca. Beautiful!