Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Countdown HAS BEGUN!!!!

We are packing, going to Houston the day after Christmas to see our oldest daughter and her family before we fly to South America on January 27, with the two cats.  We are breaking up the trip and doing it over three days in hopes that the cats will survive without too much stress.  We are both so excited we can hardly believe it is happening.  I retired, officially, December 18, then promptly got a terrible cold, but I figured it was probably the last of the AVHS germs trying to reach out and slap me for leaving them.  Today; Christmas Eve day is when the children of Cuenca dress like angels and parade.  I am sorry to be missing it.  But, I will be ready next year and will look forward to it all year long.  Besides I will bet that someone will post photos of the whole extravaganza. We are working,via internet, with Chela at Cuenca Real Estate, to find a suitable place to live for 90 days until we can get our residents visas and have our household goods shipped from the states. Blessings to you all for the New Year.  Dean Keyes

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