Monday, November 9, 2009

Contemplating Our BIg Advesture

I am Dean Keyes, who is Bill's wife, of a long time.  We are in the midst of planning, getting physicals, preparing Visa applications, connecting with an attorney in Cuenca, Ecuador as well as selling lots of household goods and "junque".  We both love an adventure.  This can be traced through our married life.  In 1970 we bought an 1893 Victorian Romanesque Revival townhouse in Lafayette Square,  St. Louis, Missouri.  This is the last Victorian walking neighborhood in America.  We paid $8,000 for the house so you can imagine the ADVENTURE.  We moved on 23 years later after having enjoyed the experience and having adopted two daughter at ages 4 and 6 in 1983, another life adventure.  They are birth sisters of each other.  So now we are about to retire.  But, in the process of preparing we moved from St. Louis to Tucson, AZ.  This was 10 years ago.  Bill has loved Tucson.  Me not so much.  Although I have had very interesting jobs here. Now we are preparing to travel to Cuenca, Ecuador to live permanently in late January, 2010.  We will take with us two 7 year old male cats, who we are trying to prepare for the adventure.  We will plan to return to the U. S.  a couple of times a year for visits with two daughters and their husbands, a total of 6 grandchildren and my Mother "Big Min"  short for Minnie who will be 90 years young in April.  She is in better shape than most 65 year olds.  Also on the list to visit will be my younger sister Stephanie, who I still take lessons in "fun" from.  I am the oldest, she is the youngest of four of us.  So I needed to be taught to have fun.  However, I have mastered it and plan to practice it everyday for the remainder of my life, I am catching up with lost time in the first half of my life.  So get on board for the ride and we will share the ups and downs with you. 

Dean Keyes, wife of Bill


  1. Truly an EXCELLENT adventure!!! I've subscribed to your blog and will look forward to your reports. May they all be positive ones.

  2. Hi there , my wife & I are planning to move to Ecuador also . Mid-2010 or so . Looking forward to catching up with you.