Friday, December 3, 2010

Pictures of Our New Digs in Cuenca

This is the name of the street we have moved to.  It is centrally located one block south of the Tomebamba Rio.  This tile is on the wall of our compound.
The tile featured in the above photo is at the upper right corner of our wall.  The is the front view off the street.

This is the front yard, which Bill has big plans for.  He will make it bloom!
                                                        The front door.  Still have some moving items in the portico.

Looking straight in the front door.  You can see the little Christmas tree and part of the Angel Choir I do every Christmas.
This is the living room.  Notice the ornate ceiling.  It looks like the old 20th century tin ceiling, but it is made of plaster.  They still produce them today and use them liberally.
                                           Another view of the Living Room.
                                           Back of the living room looking toward the kitchen.
Staircase to the second floor, we have not hung any art in the staircase yet, it will require a ladder which we will have to borrow or acquire.   Below left is a view to the left of the staircase into the half bath on the first floor.

Just inside the kitchen at the back of the living room, looking into the dining room.
Galley kitchen which is my favorite, since the Adlon kitchen.  Some of you will remember that kitchen.
                                              Looking into the dining room from the kitchen. 
                          Dining Room looking toward the front of the house and the portico.  As
you can see my sewing machine is up and doing duty.  Thankful that I brought it.  I was doing curtains for the bedrooms.  Actually cutting some down that hung at Kennett Place, fabric I had bought in Paris.
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Section of the rear terrace, we are completely compounded.  No back gate.

Another view of the back terrace.  The doorway leads to a separate servants quarters that I have appropriated for my art studio.

Reverse end of the terrace, just off the kitchen.


Back door into kitchen.

Some of Bill's plants.


  1. Lucky you with the ceilings.. those are awesome, and sounds like a great location too! Randy and Bill will have to talk plants.

  2. Hey you two -- glad you're all settled. BTW, I love that purple sofa; you've done a FABULOUS job of decorating!

  3. Your new home looks terrific! Thanks for posting these pics so we can admire from afar. Look forward to seeing it in person soon!