Monday, December 27, 2010

Pase Del Ninos 12-24-10 Cuenca Ecuador

Here is a youtube link for a slide show video of the Pase Del Ninos parade and procession that is held on Christmas Eve.  It was started in 1961 and is the largest procession of its kind in Ecuador.  The floats which vary in size from just a car to big flat bed trucks are done by mostly local citizens with whatever that have and can afford to do.  But the children all dressed up in their clothes (as we used to say going to church clothes) and costumes is what it is all about.  It starts about 10 AM and goes all day until early evening.  It normally doesnt rain this time of year but it has every day this December,  but Mother Nature held off and the rain did not start until the procession was almost over.

Here is the link.....

BTW the music is one of my original compositions


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