Thursday, September 30, 2010

Status of what we know is happening nationally in Ecuador

September 30, 2010  11:40 p.m.

As you may be aware a state of emergency was declared in Ecuador today due to a general strike by the police.  Most of the action occurred in Quito, the capital.  The police took over a barracks.  President Correa went to the barracks in an attempt to address their concerns about a new law that was just passed yesterday.  It quickly deteriorated and got out of hand.  President Correa got overcome by tear gas and retreated to a nearby hospital.  The police then stormed the hospital and held him hostage for approxiamately 12 hours.  He was rescued by an elite Army unit, unharmed.  

We learned midday today of the events going on in Quito.  Cuenca, our city has seen some businesses close early.  Many workers leaving to go home early.  The second shift of school was canceled and school tomorrow is canceled also.  We have not been affected.  We went to the supermarket late day today and to the home of some friends for dinner.  We walked about 10 minutes between our house and their house home.  We rode the bus to their house earlier.  So the airports in the major cities, which we are one of, remain closed.  But, we are fine and have food and water and plan to go to dinner with friends tomorrow night.  We will see what the day looks like tomorrow.  Thanks to many of you who have emailed personal messages of concern.  We are fine and will attempt to add to the news as we get it here.  


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