Thursday, August 19, 2010

We are GREAT!! Just busy having FUN!!!!

I know it has been too long.  I am getting reminders from all of you in the States and even neighbors here in Cuenca.  We have been so busy.  Finally, four days before Stef, Deb and Carol arrived we got our container.  So we had to work like whirling dervishes to get the place pulled together with beds made and towels located.  But, that was good, so that the guests did not have to sleep on the floor.  A few days after their arrival we went with a group of 9 of us to the west coast of Ecuador to a ecolodge called Azuluna.  Check it out on their site.  We were near Puerto Lopez a small fishing village that is the jumping off location for seeing whales, blue footed boobie birds and generally eating some excellent seafood. After a very successful whale watch Dean and Will Lacy decided no more trips in small boats.  It was the sea sickness curse acting on them.  So they stayed behind while the rest of the group went to Isla de la Plata, which is considered the "poor man's Galapagos".  The whole trip was very fun and everyone enjoyed a good time.  We were gone for five days.  While Stef, et al were here we did lots of day trips, Banos for the bathes, museums, shopping, eating and generally enjoying one another.  They departed Ecuador at the end of July.  Since then we have finished getting unpacked and are starting to order furniture to replace the dining room set and the living sofa and chairs that were overage in the container.  So they got left on the "dock of the bay" in  San Diego.  We donated them to a thrift store.  Someone will get some good stuff.  This morning we are on the way to a "seconds" sale at the retail store of the Vega Pottery Factory.  So we are off.  I just wanted everyone to know we are well, happy, healthy and enjoying being retired.  Hugs to all.  Bill will publish some photos later so check back for pics.

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  1. Guys,
    Quick question.Just starting the move but ant advise on how NOT to get an overage? Thanks